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Hotel Blogging Ideas for New Content

Content Ideas for your Hotel's Blog

Hotel Blog Posts and Content Ideas

To be successful, you must include new content into your blog! Now you will ask: but where can I find ideas about my articles?

First of all, you need a plan and do not leave your blog posts for the last minute! Let’s say you are stuck and you cannot think of anything. You could use Hubspot’s free blog topic generator (

You may also run a brainstorming session and start talking about your target group and ways to educate, inform, and engage them. What do they and do not like? What comments do you have in your previous posts? Did you have any suggestions?

Then, look at your keywords and key-phrases. Search online to get some ideas. Visit new businesses in your area. Speak to local entrepreneurs and discuss with them the future.

You may also run a competition and prize draw with your audience (and on your social media and CRM database) by asking them what would like to know more, or what interests them, or what would they prefer to read? The top 5 suggestions win a free night at your hotel, free dinner, and similar (you decide what is best for you).

Below is a basic list of ideas that you could create articles for your blog (you need to expand):

  • Local Guides for attractions and events (something that others have not written about). You may also suggest local places, and which one is best for families, kids, parties, adventure, and similar. Some places attract different crowds!
  • Photos and videos. Might be from different seasons, food, attractions, experiences, and many others.
  • Local Transportation.
  • Local Tips, useful information (and not just the telephone numbers of police local hospital). Be more creative: State a possible problem that they face in your local area and then give them the solution (i.e. did you lose your way back from Trail ABC? Then do XYZ).
  • Discuss your local history (old and new), famous people, etc.
  • Unseen – unexplored areas: Articles about less known areas to tourists (from restaurants to new areas to explore)
  • Recommended food recipes and/or restaurants (do not advertise!) The same applies to bars, bakeries, bookshops, etc.
  • Where could they find the best local produce and save money?
  • Where to go and what to do if they are visiting the area for 8 hours or 2 days (for a shorter period of time where time is limited and valuable). Usually, this applies to islands with loads of cruise ships that let tourists off for a few hours only per destination.
  • Interview local businesses and tell their story.
  • Interview your guests and what they did while they were staying in your hotel.
  • Cooperate with photographers and fashion designers. Allow them to photograph their new collection at your hotel.
  • If your area is famous for wine production suggest wine routes, wine brands, and where they can visit local wineries.
  • Guide to local books, blogs, and magazines.
  • What to bring with you (for different seasons).
  • Local language – list of words and phrases that will be useful to them.
  • Write about the everyday life of the local people.
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An entrepreneur, author, consultant, hotelier and a father to the most amazing daughter of the entire universe!
admin Administrator
An entrepreneur, author, consultant, hotelier and a father to the most amazing daughter of the entire universe!

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